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Company description

Coloursmith is here to unleash the potential of modern eyewear with our breakthrough optical filtering technology.

Our platform proprietary technology  allows for the first-ever optical filtering applications in contact lenses and high-end eyeglass lens materials. We are currently looking to form commercial partnerships with global lens manufacturers who are interested in expanding their portfolio of optical filtering products.

Products description

Coloursmith works as a development partner with lens manufacturers to create custom optical filters developed by medical device expertsproviding the support and technologies to enhance and protect vision.

Press boilerplate

Coloursmith is the optical filter development partner for the vision care industry. They develop a suite of breakthrough light filtering eyewear products that protect and enhance vision. For more information on Coloursmith, visit

Founders bios

Gabrielle Masone, CEO

The founder and CEO of Coloursmith. Gabrielle’s responsibilities within the company involve, among others, business development, performance monitoring, and resource managment, with a focus on policy and decision making. A graduate of the Department of Chemistry at Dalhousie University and Chemical Engineering Technology at Seneca College. Long-time advocate of vision care with Prevent Blindness America and the Canadian National Institute of the Blind. Gabrielle also acted as president of a scholarship organization funding Atlantic Canadian university students with low vision. Inventor and exhibitor of chemistry innovation at the national level. Ambitious and young, but already an experienced scientist, she has won a number of awards and honours for her work in vision care and innovation and has spoken passionately on behalf of North American vision care standards.

Morrgan Payne, CTO

The co-founder and CTO of Coloursmith. Morrgan’s responsibilities within the company involve, among others, foundational scientific research, intellectual property management, and product development. A graduate of the Department of Chemistry at Dalhousie University, his time included presenting novel analytical chemistry methods in the health field at the national level. He spearheaded successful international commercial pilot efforts for technologies novel to the vision care industry, and pioneered avenues for further application across multiple vertical industries. He currently leads an R&D team of PhD and MSc scientists working collaboratively with vision care leaders in the pursuit of developing high-impact products in the commodity vision care space. Along with being the recipient of numerous academic awards, Morrgan is additionally a nationally-ranked backstroke swimmer holding multiple records and competed as a finalist in the 2016 Canadian Olympic Trials.


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